Morgan County, WV Service Fees
Service Type Service Description Service Fees
 WV Routine Service  First attempt within 5 service days  Call us for a Quote
 WV Rush Service  First attempt within 3 service days  Call us for a Quote
 WV Emergency Service  Same Day or Next day  Call us for a Quote
 Special Situations  Stake-out, timed service, etc.  Call us for a Quote
 Out of State Papers  Service conforming to your state laws  Call us for a Quote
Why Morgan County services are quoted individually
Morgan county is a mountanous, sparcely populated, extremely rural area with only four cities or towns.  City addresses may actually be miles away from any city.  The best roads are secondary roads and the worst are just tire tracks.  (We often use 4-wheel drive vechicles.)  The roads were recently renamed, so many road signs are outdated and our GPS equipment may or may not be accurate there.