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International Service of Process

When you need to serve legal documents in any foreign country, the standard for international service of process is perfection.  A simple mistake can set you back to "square one", costing you time and money. 

International cases present unique jurisdictional and procedural issues that most other process servers simply don't understand.  Our quoted fee will include the following, as appropriate to the specifics of your service:

A free consultation with an International Law attorney relative to:
  • Potential problems
  • Acceptable and illegal methods of service for the country or countries involved
  • Hague Service Convention requirements and issues
  • Hague Evidence Convention requirements and issues
  • Inter American Convention requirements and issues
  • Letters Rogatory
  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act issues
Service in any country in the world
Translation Services
(if required)
Deposition Services
(if needed)
Service of process on an Agent in the United States
(if possible)
Our fees for international service of process are comparable to, and often less than those of "international process servers" found on the Internet.

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