State Court Services can handle all of your process service needs from start to finish, almost anywhere in the country; typically for $99 or less*.

Yes, you could spend your valuable time locating and calling random process servers, cross your fingers and hope that the one you choose is reliable, and then spend more time doing your own monitoring and follow-up. 
But with our nationwide service option, why would you? 

Since our network of pre-screened process servers spans the entire country, chances are good that we have a reliable, experienced affiliate in the area where you need service.  If not, we'll invest whatever time and resources are necessary to find the right server for your job and get your documents into their hands.  Then we'll monitor their progress and follow up on your behalf, leaving you free to do more productive things.

Call or email us with your needs today.  We can usually provide you with a no-obligation quote by the following business day.

*  Estimated fee applies to Routine services only.  Additional charges may apply for Rush or Emergency services.

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